Our Vaccine Clinic Updates for the Week of March 2nd - March 6th

Persons who received their first MODERNA vaccine on February 3rd or on February 4th at the Harvey Convention Center in Tyler are invited to receive their 2nd Moderna vaccine either on Thursday March 11th or Friday March 12th. . . next week. Persons on our 2nd Dose Moderna Waiting List will still receive an invitation to make an appointment for March 11th or March 12th; however, admission will still be allowed even if you do not make an appointment, just as long as your have your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card showing you have already received your first Moderna vaccine.

Only the Pfizer vaccine is being provided at the Harvey Convention Center for the remainder of this week (March 3rd – 6th).

Anyone who received their first PFIZER vaccine on February 11th, 12th, or 13th, at the Harvey Convention Center is being directed to return this Friday or Saturday, March 5th or 6th between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Only persons eligible to receive their 2nd Pfizer dose will be admitted this Friday or this Saturday.

Persons on our 2nd Dose Pfizer Waiting List will still receive an invitation to make an appointment; however, admission will still be allowed even if you do not make an appointment.

To receive your 2nd COVID vaccine on any of the above days, whether you have an appointment or not, eligible persons will need to display their "CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card" upon arrival. This is the small white card given when you receive your 1st COVID vaccine. The 2nd vaccine still provides effective potency even if more than 28 days have passed since the 1st COVID vaccine.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has identified the populations who are currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

Persons on our waiting list are invited to our scheduled vaccine clinics based on (1) who enrolled into our waiting list first, (2) when our Immunizations Department received new shipments of the COVID vaccine, and (3) whether you are eligible based on the above DSHS eligibility criteria.

Due to the limited supply of COVID vaccines at this time, we are not able to give estimates of scheduling your appointment for your first vaccine based upon your placement on our waiting lists.  

Click Here to Enroll into Our Waiting List For Your 1st Vaccine

Note that our vaccine clinics are held on different days each week due to limited supply of the vaccines being received by our NET Health Immunizations Department.

Thousands of people are on our waiting list and we schedule persons to make an appointment based on those who registered earliest onto our waiting list.

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Please remember that our vaccine clinics may not be scheduled on the date that is written on the back of your "CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card".

Our "Second Dose Vaccine Clinics" are only scheduled when we have received enough vaccines to schedule a clinic day. 

Volunteer Opportunities at our COVID Vaccine Clinics at the Harvey Convention Center

The COVID vaccine clinics being operated by NET Health are made successful through the contributions individual and group volunteers.

Serving as a volunteer does not guarantee that you will receive a COVID vaccine on the day you help as a volunteer.

The actual duties depend on whether the vaccine clinics are held as a drive-thru outside event or a weather-contingent inside event. 

Some of the volunteer stations include:

(1) sanitizer assistants to help wipe and disinfect chairs within our waiting areas (when we are indoors)

(2) registration clerks to ensure each vaccine recipient has completed their paperwork correctly and to guide them to our vaccination stations

(3) greeting/guiding entrants through our walk-in and drive-thru vaccination process

(4) capturing photos of health insurance cards within our pre-vaccination area

(5) ensuring smooth traffic flow (indoors and outdoors) in our post-vaccine area

(6) serving as a vaccine transporter to provide loaded syringes to the vaccinations stations (when it is a drive-thru clinic)

(7) rovers to assist moving signs and providing general assistance to NET Health staff who are operating the COVID vaccine clinics

Click here to view and select a "non-clinical" volunteer day and time that is available on your schedule.

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