All sectors of our communities have been affected and will continue to be effected by COVID-19.

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Businesses and Companies

Employers should review their ability to continue business operations while also using ways to enforce physical distance between employees. Continuity of operations should also flexibility to alter your essential business practices. Companies should review their policies to ensure consistency with public health recommendations and with existing state and federal workplace laws.

DSHS Guidance Letter to Texas Employers

Protocols for Office-Based Companies

Differences between PCR Testing versus Antibody Testing

Childcare Facilities & K-12 Schools

Cities and Counties

  • Learn more about the public health recommendations have been updated to accommodate new scientific evidence, evolving epidemiology and the need to simplify risk.

    Download the poster - "What Does This Mean For You?"

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities should also consult with local public health agencies to evaluate the updated recommendations for COVID-19 prevention.

Hospitals and Healthcare Settings

Restaurants and Food Establishments

All food establishments within the state of Texas can continue operations, but only by drive-thru, carry-out, or home delivery. Physical distancing behavior should still be implemented for customers coming to your food establishment, as well as for employees working within your food establishment.

Community Events and Large-Scale Gatherings

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an Executive Order that ALL gatherings of any type should be limited to 10 people or fewer, until further notice. This notice is supported locally by the recent Smith County "Stay At Home" Order.

View CDC Guidance related to postponement of mass gatherings and of large-scale community events.

Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

Recommendations are similar to community events, in that in-person religious services should be postponed until further notice. Congregations should utilize technology to show church services online and to provide methods for your members to contribute via PayPal, Venmo, and similar mobile payments.

  • View CDC guidance, cleaning recommendations, and checklists for faith-based leaders and church congregations.

Retirement Communities

Homeless Shelters