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By Terrence Ates
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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NET Health Counties of Disease Surveillance in Blue

NET Health provides Disease Surveillance within the counties of Smith, Gregg, Anderson, Henderson, Wood, Rains, and Van Zandt.

Below are the weekday COVID-19 dashboards for our counties of disease surveillance - Last Updated on Wednesday September 30th 2020.

Smith County                        Infographic             Infograma

Gregg County                        Infographic             Infograma

Henderson County               Infographic             Infograma

Van Zandt County                 Infographic             Infograma

Anderson County                  Infographic             Infograma

Wood County                         Infographic             Infograma

Rains County                         Infographic             Infograma

All 7 Counties

Confirmed Cases (PCR-Positive Test Results)

Probable Cases (Positive Antigen Results)

Below are links to graphs that display weekly trends of PCR-confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Last updated on Friday September 25th 2020.

Smith County                            Line Graph        Ethnicities        Age Groups

Gregg County                            Line Graph        Ethnicities        Age Groups

Henderson County                   Line Graph        Ethnicities        Age Groups

Van Zandt County                    Line Graph         Ethnicities        Age Groups

Anderson County                     Line Graph         Ethnicities        Age Groups

Wood County                            Line Graph         Ethnicities        Age Groups

Rains County                            Line Graph         Ethnicities        Age Groups

All 7 Counties                           Line Graph         Ethnicities        Age Groups

Below are hyperlinks to several statewide and national sources of COVID-19 statistics.

GIS Maps and Trends of Worldwide COVID-19 cases compiled by Johns Hopkins University

GIS Map of COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Texas Department of State Health Services

County-Level Data on COVID-19 Tests by County, Hospitalization Capacity, Nursing Home Data, and County Trends

GIS Map of confirmed COVID-19 cases within jail inmates of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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